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Discovery Day 2018

" I find teaching technology (to young adults & kids) is more fun than the research. The look on their faces is sometimes indescribable. It's as if you have just shown them magic...!"                                                              - Jacob L. Benson III (Founder)

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In 2015, ISS joined the Science Technology Engineering & Math Education Coalition as an associated member. From early on, our founder, realized the importance of educating the next generation of scientists and engineers, furthering the possibilities in medical and environmental research.

In 2017, ISS will launch a vocational educational program in Seattle's Puget Sound area. It will consist of an educational laboratory, free for students to learn and experiment nanotechnology science and engineering, and how it relates to our world.

The program will be managed by ISS and its affiliates. Please check back to follow our progress.

If you are interested in participating and/or donating, please Contact Us.

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