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Our Company History

Several years into the Semiconductor Industry, our founder Jacob Benson, discovered gaps in service and analytical process support.


In 2013, he formed ISS (Innovative Semiconductor Solutions). ISS is a failure analysis company specializing in providing our clients the right solutions, at the right time, to achieve the right results.

ISS operated out of Vancouver, Washington, providing local process managers support for legacy equipment, accessories, and spare parts.

2014, ISS expanded its operations providing support throughout the United States and regions of Canada.


2015, ISS expanded once again, creating an analytical support process division, UHR LABS (Ultra-High Resolution Laboratories). Operating out of its advanced Northwest U.S. facilities, UHR LABS provides clients with high resolution optical and electron microscopy support solutions.

Message from CEO:

"We consider the clients we support, our partners. We understand the relativity of their successes, to our success, as a company, as a country, as members of society. ISS will always place service before self, to help provide our partners the right opportunities to achieve these successes."

(Non-profit) " Long before my goals to impact the world of technology, I discovered my goals and passions to impact the world of humanity. Through the efforts afforded by my great staff, incredible clientele, and generous donors, we will release a drop of water in the great ocean of humanity!"                                                                                             

               - Jacob L. Benson III, Founder & CEO

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